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Here is what our students and parents are saying about us


"Our Family has been a part of the Dance Asylum for 4 years. My daughters and  I all take dance classes. Before we started, we heard lots of great things about the Dance Asylum. All dance routines are choreographed by the staff. My oldest daughter, Molly, started hip hop this year. She also takes tap and ballet. It is wonderful to see her express her creative side. I take tap and jazz in the adult class, its great exercise and tons of fun."

Katie Blue with her daughter Molly



"The Dance Asylum is a really fun place and the environment is enjoyable.  Dance is a good way to stretch and it makes me stronger.  Also, I like it here because I get to hang out with all my dance friends."

Taylor Slais



"I like the Dance Asylum because it is really fun and a good way for me to exercise my legs for sports.  The teachers are really nice and I have lots of friends here."                     

Zach Stid




"My two oldest, Hannah and Noah started taking classes at the age of 3 and they were having so much fun, their 2 year old brother Elijah wanted to join and was allowed to participate in the class. Now I have one more waiting in the wings until heís old enough to join the rest of the family at the Dance Asylum. The instructors at the Dance Asylum have impressed me from the first day. They are down to earth and really take the time to get to know the families of, as well as, the individual student. It has been refreshing to see a dance teacher provide a little TLC to Noah, Hannah, and Elijah if they appear to be having a bad day. I have 2 boys enrolled in the all boy tap class, and it has made all the difference for them. Noah truly loves it and looks forward to class each week, as does Elijah who canít wait to show me every week the new things heís learning. I strongly believe that dance enhances all aspects of my childrenís life. It gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment when they learn a new step or perform on stage. Dancing teaches teamwork, trust, and bonding with their peers. Hannah, Noah, and Elijah have made new friends, learned rhythm, and learned to follow direction from another adult. But most importantly, the instructors at the Asylum show genuine care and concern. Itís not always about being the best, but reaching your personal best. The guidance my three have received is phenomenal. This year I too started taking dance lessons, and Iím having the time of my life. Iíve even recommended it to several others for next year. Itís nice to be part of a place where everyone is supportive and just wants dance to be fun."

Jan Hanson-Babinski With her kids Hannah, Elijah, and Noah


"Everyone here is so nice, I love to dance here.  I play other sports, but dance is my favorite activity, especially the competition class.  Not all of my friends dance, but the Dance Asylum is a great place to make new friends."

Claudia Heidenreich



"After having two dance studios close their doors on us in as many years, we were looking for an established studio with a dedicated staff. Happily, we ran across the Dance Asylum and my daughter has danced there now for six years. We couldnít be more pleased. The teachers are very talented and enthusiastic and want everyone to succeed. I now refer my family and friends to the Dance Asylum because I know first hand what a great studio it is!"

Tracie Lampen



"I like the dances, I like the teachers, I like the costumes. Dancing makes me feel very special."

Sophia Poel

5 years old


"Guitar is something I've wanted to learn for a long time.  I am excited that there is a place close by where I can finally take lessons.  My teacher is really great.  He is patient and shows me a lot of cool stuff.  I'm really happy with my guitar lessons and excited to learn more. "

Jonathan Suman



"I love the Dance Asylum because the teachers are awesome and super friendly.  Dancing is a passion of mine which I can enjoy because of the Dance Asylum.  I've been dancing here for 13 years.  I love the closeness of the Dance Asylum.  Everyone knows each other and the teachers are really passionate about teaching us."    

Emily Zigterman




"I've been dancing here since I was 3 years old and I'll stay here until I graduate from High School.  The teachers are wonderful and I look forward to coming to class each week."

Maria Boyce




"I love the adult dance class and look forward to my night out once a week with the girls exercising and sweating"

Carol Springer



"It's like a family here, everyone knows each other and that makes it a really nice to dance here.  Also the classes are small so we get lots of attention from our teachers.  Also, dance is really fun!"

Monica Nye




"Itís a fun learning place. You get to make new friends and the teachers are nice. I just love dance and I want to do it until I graduate from high school. The music is awesome, itís fun dancing and the stretching and costumes and the props are really cool!"

Libby & Clayton Springer



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